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We offer precise medical transcription services that adhere to HIPAA regulations, catering to professionals, medical offices, and hospitals, resulting in time and cost savings.
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We harbor the experience and expertise that can aid the smooth running of your practice. Our medical transcription services cater to all healthcare operations and are renowned for accuracy and promptness. Our operations are no longer manual; we have harnessed the IT and technology to deliver more precise and accurate reports without delay, setting us apart from all the other US-based medical transcription services.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises medical transcribers who have worked in all sorts of medical setups, from working with doctors, clinics, and hospitals to liaising with insurance companies.

Dedicated Transcription Department

Our team is one of the longest-lasting medical transcription companies. We owe it all to our dedicated team and department, which excels in medical transcription.

HIPAA Compliance

Our team stringently follows HIPPA guidelines, and we ensure all the procedures and reports adhere strongly to them in order to avoid any compliance failure that may cost our client a lot of money.

Quicker Turnover

Medical transcription services require precision and prompt delivery, which is why our team has the quickest turnover in the region, harnessing the power of IT and manual transcription.

Cost-effective packages

Our packages are extremely cost-effective. There are several packages that include medical transcription, among other services, to ensure you get a bang for your buck!

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With our help, you can begin your practice without having to pay any further fees or setup costs beyond our service fee. SybridMD is not dependent on any software for its services, and we integrate with all practice management systems with ease. If you have any questions about our medical transcription services, please get in touch with us or request a free quote. Our support staff is here to help you any time of day for no cost.

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Our company (MD Syhealth LLC) has considerable experience providing medical transcription services and other medical liaison services to over a hundred medical practices in 22 states. Don’t worry. Your practice is in safe hands! Our expert management team has over fifty years of collective experience and is expert in managing the revenue cycle of healthcare practices from different disciplines.

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Medical transcription service provider converts all the correspondence and conversation between the patient and the doctor into a report. This report includes all the diagnoses, important details about the treatment plan, what the patient was told, and why the treatment was recommended. A medical transcription is a tool by which a proper record is made in order to maintain a record or evidence in case a claim is made. SybridMD is among the top medical transcription companies that provide many other services, along with healthcare transcription services.
A Medical transcriptionist is typically someone who documents healthcare procedures for doctors and other healthcare professionals.   They use the voice recordings between the doctor and the patient as they discuss different aspects of treatment plans. These recordings come in handy in case any claim of malpractice is made and can protect the doctor and their practice from losing their license and revenue.
The average hourly wage for a medical transcriptionist in the USA is $20, which is $0.92 (45.035%) lower than the $20.54 national average. But if you contact us at SybridMD, we will cut you a much sweeter deal and add some extra service to your package to make it more cost-effective.
The necessity to be aware of digital health record rules is one of the main reasons medical transcribing is still in demand. As it evolved and developed, the digital realm still needs reviewing for errors, which only an expert can do. Utilizing SybridMD's medical transcription services may assist medical practices stay in compliance with HIPPA regulations and provide an additional degree of security for their public relations and income.