Telehealth Billing Services

Telehealth and telemedicine services have become more viable especially after the pandemic. This is why telemedicine has become one of the most integral parts of care practices. An increased number of providers are including telehealth as a service and SybridMD is empowering those practices with its telehealth billing services.

Telehealth Billing Services

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Coding Telehealth Encounters

American Medical Association has developed a set of telemedicine billing codes that they continuously keep on updating. These telehealth codes are deemed necessary to be used by healthcare services providers, medical practices, and hospitals.

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Billing Charge Entry

Since the patients are remotely communicating, therefore the information collection depends on the level of communication between the patients and the telehealth services provider. Billing for telehealth has a greater possibility of errors and a double-check of the information is a must.

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Telehealth Claim Scrubbing

As most of the communication between the patients and the provider takes place via interactive audio and video systems and the very first step is to accurately transcribe that clinical data and then move on to check / eliminate errors in the claims.

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Accurate Claim Submission

Not all services provided through the telehealth systems are eligible to get reimbursements. This is why SybridMD’s telehealth billing team checks the insurance eligibility in advance, and submit claims within 48-hours of the claim preparation and scrubbing.

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HIPAA Compliant Protection

Telehealth services providers are at a greater risk of data hacks and breaches of data security. This is why billing for telehealth services must be protected by HIPAA compliant protocols. SybridMD utilizes advanced encryption tools to protect billing and clinical data.


Telehealth Payments

The rapid increase in telehealth services has increased the concerns of practices about the methods and use of telehealth payment tools. Along with upfront collections, there are copays and insurance reimbursements that require a skilled telehealth billing team.

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Digital Payment Posting

SybridMD’s telehealth billing team records every detail about the patient and payment collection status in order to maintain and instantly post payments. For the virtual care process to proceed with follow up visits, the payment posting process has to be fast and accurate.


Collection Statements and Reports

Digital posting of the payments, along with weekly and monthly reports of the collections envisage a clear picture of the accounts receivables. Collection reports prepared and shared by SybridMD’s telehealth billing team helps practices take the right decisions

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