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Gain proficiency in prevalent coding and billing terminology and procedures essential for maintaining your telehealth program's sustainability.
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Telehealth and telemedicine services have become essential ever since the pandemic happened. We now know some instances where people cannot leave their homes and may require the help they need. How do you manage the billing, then? SybridMD has comprehensive plans for Telehealth billing services for your practice.

Telehealth coding

A collection of telemedicine billing codes has been put together by the American Medical Association, and they are constantly updated. Hospitals, doctor offices, and healthcare services are all required to use these telehealth codes. SybridMD is up-to-date on these telehealth billing codes and provides error-free coding and transcribing.

Accurate claim submission

Not every service delivered using telehealth systems qualifies for payment. For this reason, the telehealth billing staff at SybridMD validates insurance eligibility ahead of time and submits claims 48 hours after preparing and cleaning them.

HIPPA Compliance

Telehealth service providers are more vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. This is the reason why HIPAA-compliant procedures need to be implemented for safe telehealth service billing. SybridMD protects clinical and billing data using innovative encryption technologies.

Digital Payment

As stated earlier, not every service provided via Telehealth is eligible for payment. While SybridMD realizes which procedures qualify for payment and submits the claim promptly and accurately, they also ensure prompt digital payment, which becomes less of a hassle for both the physician and the patient. This is a part of our telehealth billing services package.

Collection Statement Submission

The payments will be posted digitally, and monthly and weekly statements on collections will provide an extensive overview of the accounts receivable. SybridMD’s telehealth billing services department prepares and shares collection data that assist practices in making informed decisions.

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With our help, you can begin your practice without having to pay any further fees or setup costs beyond our service fee. SybridMD is not dependent on any software for its services, and we integrate with all practice management systems with ease. If you have any questions about our telehealth billing services, please get in touch with us or request a free quote. Our support staff is here to help you any time of day for no cost

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Our company (MD Syhealth LLC) has considerable experience providing medical billing and other medical liaison services to over a hundred medical practices in 22 states. Don’t worry. Your practice is in safe hands! Our expert management team has over fifty years of collective experience and is expert in managing the revenue cycle of healthcare practices from different disciplines.

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FAQs On Telehealth Billing Services

Telehealth is the over-the-phone or online consultation when a patient cannot come in for a check-up at your practice. These setups started around the pandemic and now remain a constant need for a more convenient method of consulting your doctor since this allows you to contact a doctor in a different state instead of taking a trip. The same medical billing methods apply to this type of consultation, which is called telehealth billing. Telehealth billing services have their own department at SybridMD.
What is CPT? In order to improve efficiency, accuracy, and reporting, physicians and other healthcare workers can categorize medical services and procedures more uniformly by using the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.
A set of uniform codes known as HCPCS is used to identify medical supplies, services, procedures, and goods. Medicare and other insurers use the numbers to expedite the assessment of health insurance claims. Level I and Level II are the two subsystems that makeup HCPCS.
The two most commonly used modifiers are the GT modifier for telehealth service rendered via interactive audio and video telecommunications systems, and the 95 modifier for synchronous telemedicine service rendered via a real-time interactive audio and video communications system.