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Affordable, fast & HIPAA compliant medical transcription service for doctors, clinics and hospitals

We aim at exceeding any compliance standard in medical transcription.

Quick turnaround time and pristine quality of the transcriptions are very important factors and we are committed to providing more than that through our top-notch medical transcription service. We have aboard an experienced team of medical transcribers who work round the clock for our clients, delivering immaculate clinical documents in the minimum turnaround time.

Transcription: Did you know?

The highest percentage of error in Medical transcription are the Medication errors. Errors related to Numeric Mixups, Similar sounding words and Homophones can change the entire meaning of patient’s report.

When you outsource your entire medical transcription process, you no longer have to own a dictation system or invest in a typing platform or worry about upgrading to the very latest equipment.

Maintaining in-house systems and varying equipment can really cost you, with the average maintenance agreement costing upwards of 17% of equipment costs, annually


Our Medical Transcription services are designed by keeping in view the requirements of healthcare physician that meets the industry quality standards. We emphasize on experience and practical expertise. Our transcription team members understand healthcare operations in detail and are skilled with the medical transcribing knowledge. We have combined the IT and professional transcribers which enables us to create comprehensive transcribing solutions. Medical Transcription services include:


Turnaround Time:

Our Turnaround time is 24 Hour and we ensure to meet this target and under its importance



We have an expertise in transcribing for Single Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals


HIPAA Compliant

We provide HIPAA compliant Medical Transcription Service. We follow HIPAA compliant secure way of transferring the voice and transcribed files


Dictation Platform:

We have a dedicated Toll Free Telephone Dictation platform which make is very easy for providers. It would be flexible dictation using a digital recorder.


No Template Restrictions:

We do not have any template restriction and doctors can feel comfortable if they want to use any of their template.


Dedicated Quality Department:

We have a dedicated Quality department to QC and ensure high level of quality. Quality team signoff on all transcriptions before delivery.



We offer 9-12 cents per 65 Character Line Rate which make it affordable services for the provider with all the required technology.


Other services charges:

No other service charges or hidden fees




For small practices, Safelock Certified™ is a HIPAA Compliance solution, offering training, compliance help and our uniquely positive brand of patient reassurance. Data breaches are daily news, and patients want to know your office is properly securing their Protected Health Information.


For larger offices, Safelock Certified™ Ultra fulfills statutory requirements, offers point-by-point guidance and provides mandated HIPAA training for every team member. We offer complete compliance strategies and 24-hour response to privacy crisis and concerns.

What you achieve

Safelock Certified™, no one can lift the challenge of compliance from your shoulders.

You avoid data breaches and catastrophic fines

Provide security, training and the tools you need to ensure private patient information stays private

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Plan of Action for remediation of issues found

Help develop practice-specific Acknowledgements, Consent forms, and other essential documentation

Safelock Certified™ window decals, promotional press releases and help with social media optimization

Unlock the full potential of your practice today!

Sybrid MD is the leader in operational success within the healthcare industry. We are experts at doing the work you don’t have time for. Contact us and we’ll show you how our services can meet your specific needs.

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