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    What we Offer in Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services

    Listed among a few acclaimed physical therapy billing companies, SybridMD is your full-service physical therapy billing services provider. Being one of the most challenging branches of healthcare practices, physical therapy entails complex coding’s and terminologies. We ensure the expeditious progress of your healthcare facility while attending to the specifics incorporated in our daily operations.

    Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Before processing any physical therapy insurance claim, we verify if an individual is eligible to avail of the physical therapy services against their insurance policy. This makes us proactive and adds to our ability to decrease the rejection rate and increase the collectible amount of your physical therapy practice.

    AR Trailing

    SybridMD actively pursues the account receivables and identifies underpaid, unpaid, and denied claims to appeal and file for them with the correct protocols. This way, we not only manage to keep the AR balance to its minimum but ensure the reimbursements of your healthcare practice always satisfy you to the core.

    Insightful Reporting

    We understand that, without maintaining transparency, no physical therapy billing company can thrive, but not when we retain it. We accomplish this through our perceptive reports, which offer you a comprehensive analysis of your financials—their current state, their future state, and an assessment of their prospects based on the facts. In conclusion, it is a succinct manual for arriving at well-informed judgments.

    Software Independent Billing

    Unlike other service providers, our physical therapy medical billing services are not dependent on any software, and we work seamlessly with all practice management applications. Our billing services have been designed to help physician practices run their daily processes without burdensome and costly dependencies. We have made medical billing services affordable to maximize our clients’ profits by minimizing their operational costs.

    Billing Data Security

    Data breaches are daily news, and physical therapists want to know that the billing service provider is properly protecting their practice data. We offer complete compliance strategies and 24-hour response to privacy crises and concerns. We make sure that all of our practices are HIPAA-compliant, and we keep our resources updated on the latest developments.

    Analysis and Coding

    One pointer to being an acclaimed physical therapy billing company is we first analyze or cross-check patients’ records before filing for insurance claims. From transcription to test reports, we scrutinize it all and allot accurate billing codes, another sign toward higher acceptance rates.

    Extensive Billing Services for Diverse Physical Therapy Procedures

    Explore the breadth of our Physical Therapy Billing Services, adeptly encompassing a wide range of critical physical therapy procedures:

    As a comprehensive, one-stop physical therapy billing company, SybridMD commits to handling every procedure with the utmost compliance. We are dedicated to providing efficient and specialized billing solutions for each area, ensuring your practice’s financial success and stability.

    Get Maximum Benefits with Physical Therapy Billing Services

    From carefully verifying insurance eligibility to managing payment postings, SybridMD handles every side of the billing process. Our approach removes the burden from your practice, ensuring smooth and efficient financial management.

    The billing experts at Sybrid MD operate as an extension of your team, offering guidance throughout the implementation process. Our resources are always available to answer your queries and provide updates on your financial status. This level of support and specialization in physical therapy billing services sets SybridMD apart, ensuring that your practice survives and thrives financially.

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    Our services are not software-reliant and operate with all practice management software. Our support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your questions.

    Guaranteed Results by our Physical Therapy Medical Billing Company Turnaround Time:

    Contracted Value Collection:

    Our collection rates are consistently high.


    Denial Rates:

    Our services significantly lower denial rates.


    Clean Claim Percentage:

    We maintain an exceptionally high clean claim rate.


    Patient Collection:

    We have substantially increased automated patient collections.


    A/R Days:

    Our management of A/R days is notably efficient for all cardiology practices.


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