June 2022  Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month 

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Whenever June arrives, people always think about Alzheimer’s & brain awareness month comes first to the minds.

It’s the time when people are more inclined toward making conversations about their mental health.

In order to prevail in the conversation, the role of the public health community is more important. 

Alzheimer’s progresses over time and gradually reaches the position of making someone suffer badly. 

Healthcare professionals here seem to have many responsibilities to be taken care of. 

Alzheimer’s is a psychological disease that is derived from Dementia. 

Dementia is a condition of the brain that affects some parts of the brain which control memory, thoughts, sensations, and language. 

Signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’

Difficulty in completing daily task

Confusion in date, days, month, or the time

Trouble in understanding images and spatial visual sign

Memory fluctuation or complete loss that hinders daily activities

Let’s join hands to support individuals dealing with Dementia. Alzheimer’s or any other psychological disease in this Alzheimer’s & brain awareness month.