HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

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The day is observed on May 18 every year also to spread awareness about the vaccine research and to educate its importance to the people all around the world. 

HIV Vaccine awareness day is celebrated across the world to pay tribute to and recognize the endless efforts of volunteers, health professionals, community members, and scientists. 

The discussion of HIV Vaccine awareness day is more crucial than any other time before. 

HIV is an internationally known retrovirus that infects the immune system and gradually destroys the entire function. This is why it is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The highest level of HIV infection is known as AIDS. People affected with the HIV infection develop the signs and symptoms of AIDS if not treated within eight to ten years. 

Where can HIV be found, and how is it transmitted?

Sexual transmission of HIV

Transmission through needles and syringe

HIV mother to child transmission

HIV through blood transfusion