Pros And Cons Of “Pay For Performance”

The healthcare law of Patient Protection and Affordable Care, as well as increased transparency and access to patient information on the quality of care providers, has transformed the whole system. Such a shift has paved the path for pay for performance program. 

What Is Pay for Performance?

Reporting on quality standard.

Pay for performance program is working well for primary care services .

Pros of Pay For Performance Program

Huge number of providers will be categorized ‘bad’ 

There is no universally acceptable definition of good performance. 

Cons of Pay For Performance Program

Pay for performance can be separated into four subcategories for measurement 

Process measures 

Outcome measures 

Patient experience 

Structural measures 

It will take a combination and step-by-step program implementation to improve the quality of care . Pay for performance is still a promising path exploring the improvement of quality and cost, but so far implementation seems less convincing.