Should Healthcare Be Free in USA?

Healthcare just like food and clothing is one of the basic human needs. However, you have to pay for these basic needs. Let’s try to objectively answer the most popular question: should healthcare be free or not?

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Methods of Funding The Healthcare System

Privately Acquired Health Insurance


Individuals may invest in health insurance plans on their own, as a means of having a backup in case of a medical emergency.

Paying Out of One’s Own Pocket


People can simply bear the healthcare cost on their own using their income or savings. People who can manage healthcare expenses easily should do it, so that less privileged people will have the opportunity to avail the following option.

Donations from charitable institutions

option 1

This option is ideal for those who can’t afford expensive healthcare but need treatment. There are many charitable institutions that cover the medical expenses of needy people. Such institutions collect donations from the public and pay for the needy’s medical expenses.

Social Health Insurance

option 2

This is a very practical approach which involves collecting a pool of funds from those who are earning/working, their employers and sometimes even the government. The amount gathered serves as a health security fund.