Guilt by Association: HIPAA, HITECH and the Role of Business Associates in Your Practice

Every practice has an IT Achilles’ Heel: Business Associates and Business Associate Agreements.

Learn how Business Associates and lack of BAAs can cost you and your practice big money in patient privacy fines.

Are you and your practice already on the hook? If you and your vendors aren’t concerned about Business Associate Agreements, you’re on the hook for catastrophic penalties.

Think you’ve got HIPAA covered? Think again! Business Associates are responsible for a quarter of all data breaches. Do you have Business Associate Agreements in place?

Join Certified HIPAA Professional Jim Moore as he explores the intricacies of Business Associate Agreements and what you stand to lose if you don’t current BAAs in place. Seating for this live webinar is limited; mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 13 at 2pm CST and learn how to get your practice “off the hook!”