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SybridMD is a full-service billing company. Founded in 2009

Our company (MD Syhealth LLC) has billed for more than 100+ practices in 22 states. Our medical billing expert team works with providers nationwide to decrease stress of the billing and, more important, to increase cash flow. Our management team collectively has more than five decades of experience in managing the revenue cycle of practices from different specialties.
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Resources to reduce costs

We provide a comprehensive suite of management services for your medical practice. Our services extend from front office services to managing Medical billing, Medical Credentialing and efficient handling of accounts receivables. We have developed a delivery model that combines onshore and offshore medical billing resources to provide a best-of-breed, yet low cost solution to our clients.

SybridMD has two focuses when partnering with a practice: to increase profitability (without necessarily increasing patient flow) and allow increased patient focus within the practice.

Partnering to increase profitability

The resources and expertise of SybridMD make a difference in your profitability by helping you to cut costs by as much as 15% while helping to drive revenue. With the services we provide our partners, we are able to free up time for your office staff and the doctor to help them focused on patient care.

Working with SybridMD enables you to exponentially reduce Account Receivables, increase patient-base, improve collections, while at the same time significantly reduce your personnel cost. We act as part of your office, working with your staff each day to insure a smooth running operation.


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SybridMD Partnerships

Sybrid ACO Partnerships

The recent upheaval in the healthcare system has created demand for management services for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). With the increasing focus on preventative care and care coordination, ACOs need the right tools and a partnership to streamline their operations and obtain shared savings.

SybridMD is at the forefront of providing solutions and services to ACOs. We with ACOs to deliver services around care coordination, ancillary service management and quality initiatives. Additionally, SybridMD offers governance models for the creation and support of Accountable Care Organizations.

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