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SybridMD offers comprehensive dental billing services and support for dental clinics nationwide. Reach out to us today to begin!
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SybridMD is the nation’s leading provider of outsourced dental billing solutions designed to help your practice collect every dollar it deserves.

Meticulous Claim Processing

Our team diligently gathers missing information to ensure accurate claims and attachments, minimizing denials and delays.

Daily Claim Submissions

We electronically submit primary and secondary claims daily for swift reimbursements.

Expert Claim Appeals

Our dental billing experts review and appeal denied claims whenever possible, fighting for the revenue that you deserve.

Detailed Accounts Receivable Management

SybridMD proactively manages your accounts receivable, following up on overdue balances and keeping you informed with detailed reports without fail.

Next-Day Posting

With our dental billing services, you receive timely updates on all patient and insurance payments.

EOB Reconciliation

We promise that your insurance payments will match the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Denial Management

Our dental billing experts identify and address denied claims to maximize reimbursements.

Customized Reporting

Get reports tailored to your specific needs.

Upgrade your billing practices with SybridMD for a transformative change.

Dental billing hassles draining your practice? SybridMD streamlines process & boosts profits. Explore services, schedule a free consultation, & hear from happy clients. Choose SybridMD for a healthier bottom line.

Is Dental Insurance Stressing You Out?

We understand the intricacies of dental insurance coding and claim submissions. Our team is comprised of highly trained experts who stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and procedures. Our dental billing experts compare your current fees to market benchmarks.

SybridMD’s dental billing solutions guarantee less time spent on billing, which leads to happier patients.

SybridMD does not miss

SybridMD integrates with your existing practice management system for a streamlined workflow, guaranteeing that none of your work is lost. We are the only dental billing company with state-of-the-art software identifying coding and billing errors before submission, maximizing first-pass claim acceptance.

Our dental billing experts keep you informed with daily, weekly, and monthly reports that track your insurance collections and identify areas for improvement. 

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FAQ's SybridMD

Here are some frequently asked questions

Dental billing is the process of generating accurate claims for your dental services and submitting them to insurance companies for reimbursement. This is how you receive the compensation you deserve for your work. 

It involves tasks like:

  • Gathering patient insurance information
  • Assigning correct dental procedure codes
  • Submitting claims electronically
  • Following up on denied claims
  • Posting insurance payments

Dental billing outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third-party company, like SybridMD, to handle your dental billing needs. This allows you to focus on patient care while our team of experts takes care of the complexities of dental billing.

SybridMD offers a comprehensive suite of dental billing services, including:

  • Meticulous claim processing
  • Daily claim submissions
  • Expert claim appeals
  • Detailed accounts receivable management
  • Electronic claim scrubbing

Absolutely not! We understand the importance of minimizing disruption to your workflow. SybridMD is compatible with all major dental practice management systems, including Dentrix, EZdent, and more. There’s no need to switch software or re-learn anything new.