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Why Sybrid MD

Rapid growth in healthcare industry and the recent healthcare laws have made a huge impact on healthcare providers making it difficult to even cope with routine, day-to-day matters.

Physicians face many challenges today

The Problem

There is a crisis developing within the medical marketplace. Reduced reimbursements and the increasing cost of delivering care make it difficult for healthcare businesses to stay in the black. We are the technology and support partner you’ve been looking for.

Where your focus is now:

In a typical week, you and your office staff are bogged down by:

EOB letters



Patient billing

Insurance calls

Office productivity

Coding letters

And much more…

None of these are related to taking care of your patients. Practice after practice is spending an undue amount of time on non-patient activities so they can stay in business. Your future revenue is directly related to patient satisfaction and bringing in new patients.

Why Sybrid MD is your best practice solution

With our Dermatology Billing Services, your practice will be furnished with a highly trained billing staff that can remotely handle all your billing chores with a remarkable efficiency and accuracy. We would work as your team, ready to take charge of your billing burden from day one and allowing you to focus on delivering the quality of care to your patients. We are available 24/7 to help our clients in a personalized way, listening to their problems and providing the best of the industry solutions.

The Solution

Medical billing and coding for Dermatology require a certain level of skill and understanding not only of the coding but the procedures as well which makes it different from billing services of other medical specialties. A comprehensive understanding of the clinical processes is required to manage Dermatology billing. Also, it also demands in-depth knowledge of the field of Dermatology, and commitment to advanced client services, elimination of the need for time-consuming data entry and providing accurate results in the shortest amount of time.

Management & services

We provide a comprehensive suite of Revenue Cycle Management services for your practice. Our services extend from front desk services to managing your Medical billing, Medical Credentialing and accounts receivables. This delivery model combines onshore and offshore resources to provide a best-of-breed, yet low cost solution to our clients.


Why technology alone doesn’t work

pie chart

Many Moving Parts:

In addition to patients, your business success depends on operational strategy and efficiency, and as well as comprehensive software. We see many offices searching endlessly for “the” software that will streamline their office procedures to free them up to focus on their patients. The issue is this: There is no software that can do all of this.
At Sybrid MD, this is where we direct the attention of our most successful clients: This model enables you to exponentially reduce account receivables, increase patient-base, improve collections, and at the same significantly reduce your personnel cost by streamlining their practices.

Make Your Practice Profitable With Our Help

Sybrid MD combines the management of both the front desk and Medical Billing operations with healthcare technologies to reduce cost, increase revenue, and improve overall efficiencies of a cardiology practice which results in:


Up to 50% decrease in billing cost overhead


90% of receivables paid within 90 days


Up to 80% increase in patient satisfaction


Up to 30% increase in patient visit volume

Unlock the full potential of your practice today!

Sybrid MD is the leader in operational success within the healthcare industry. We are experts at doing the work you don’t have time for. Contact us and we’ll show you how our services can meet your specific needs.

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