Virtual Medical Assistants

Why should a medical practice consider hiring a virtual assistant in the first place? The answer is rather simple. Not only would this save the cost of a full-time employee, the cost of hospital space (desk or designated room) that you would need to allocate to an on-site assistant, but it will also speed up the patient examination process and save time for doctors and patients alike.

Virtual Medical Assistant

More Time for Patients

When basic screening is done beforehand, you can focus more on delivering quality care. This also means that physicians will be able to cater to more patients per day. Thus, we can say that virtual assistants are as good as on-site assistants with the only difference being that they cost way less. Therefore, hiring a virtual medical assistant seems to be a win-win situation for medical practices.

Reduce Overall Expenses

It takes medical practitioners many years to specialize in their respective fields but they end up spending half or at least quarter of their time taking patients’ history. This has a huge toll on their revenue and is the reason why virtual medical assistants are needed. By availing their assistance, you can not only get peace of mind but also save money.

Optimize Overall Efficiency of Practice

If basic screening is done before patients visit the hospital/clinic, the waiting time can be significantly reduced. This will not only enhance the overall patient experience but also optimize hospital operations and increase efficiency.

What Sets SybridMD’s Virtual Medical Assistant Services Apart?

At SybridMD, we take pride in providing the best virtual assistant outsourcing services to different practices across the country. We believe in offering reliable solutions, so that practices can maintain their focus on delivering quality care. You can compare our virtual medical assistants’ services with any on-site resource and you’ll surely find that our team has the edge, technical expertise, and the required qualification to get the job done in a perfect manner.

Happier & Satisfied Patients

If you are a practitioner that wants to put a smile on their patients’ face, then save your precious hours and avail the best virtual medical assistance in the USA. We assure you that our trained medical virtual assistants can accurately collect and record all the essential information you might need to know prior to making a diagnosis and writing a prescription, such as patients’ medical history, known allergies to any specific medication, or other details. Our virtual assistants cannot only get the job done, but also exceed your expectations.

Better information. Better health.

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