How Medical Credentialing Services Help In Protection From Lawsuits?

Medical Credentialing

Healthcare providers are the savior of humanity, and they have proved these things during pandemics, endemics, war periods, and daily routine ailment cases. But evil also prevails as some healthcare workers are not qualified enough to practice medicine but pretend to be qualified doctors and play with people’s lives. This is an alarming condition. Therefore, … Read more

Embrace Intelligent Automation: Successful Uses in Healthcare Industry

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is using automation software and technologies to streamline different aspects of this digital world. Otherwise called cognitive automation, Intelligent Automation utilizes refined programming software like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Process Management (BPM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to organize and examine various information, accordingly giving the most persuasive and mistake-free outcomes with regards … Read more

5 Main Reasons Your Claims Get Denied

Reasons Your Claims Get Denied

The medical billing process is very complex and has many interlinking factors. The process starts with the patient’s first interaction with the hospital/healthcare facility reception and ends with the doctor getting paid for his service for the patient. Due to the involvement of many parties throughout the process, errors can arise at any point. These … Read more

What does EMR mean in Medical Terms? Challenges to EMR Implementation in the Healthcare System

What does EMR mean in Medical Terms?

With each day, healthcare is getting more advanced, adopting cutting-edge technology. However, technology significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment and diagnosis in the medical industry. The most significant technological innovation is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record– a digital version of the individual medication, diagnosis, and medical history. … Read more

Medical Credentialing Services for Mental Health Providers

Medical Credentialing Services for Mental Health Providers

Medical credentialing for physiotherapists and mental health providers has become more complex. This is because of the changing regulations and updates in the healthcare industry. Credentialing is important for medical health practitioners to validate their services and practice, like any other provider. This changing regulation of the healthcare industry makes it difficult for hospitals and … Read more

Cyber Threats to Medical Billing Services; How to Identify and Protect?

medical billing services

The medical industry is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks; therefore, it is necessary to protect them by any means. No matter what happens, medical records and other personal information pertaining to patients must be kept secure. This is because the patient data and financial records are maintained in the healthcare systems to remain abreast in any … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Insurance to Cover Chiropractic

How to Get Insurance to Cover Chiropractic

People who want to live a healthy and happy life increasingly use alternative medical care, like chiropractic treatment, to treat their illnesses. Chiropractic therapy helps treat back and associated ailments by manipulating the spine to relieve pain and improve mobility. Despite its growing popularity, chiropractic insurance coverage is sometimes disregarded in pursuing holistic health. Do you … Read more

Why is Mental Health not Covered by Insurance?

Why is mental health not covered by insurance

Even though it plays a significant part in our overall well-being, insurance companies usually disregard the issue of mental health. In this article, we will delve deep into the complications of the reasons why is mental health not covered by insurance. We will investigate the challenges, effects, and possible solutions that are related to this … Read more