What Is Stark Law in Healthcare? What Are the Probable Penalties for Violating Stark Law?

What is Stark Law in healthcare What are the probable penalties for violating Stark Law

Healthcare services are mostly provided keeping the care of the patient in mind with fee-for-services-based structures. This means healthcare providers are obligated to care for the patient according to the predetermined set of rules for which they get paid. While Stark Law legislation was first determined in the late 1980s to record the physicians’ ethics …

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Electronic Data Interchange in Healthcare: What Is EDI in Healthcare and Why Does It Matter?

Electronic data interchange in healthcare What is EDI in healthcare and why does it matter

Industries nowadays are more into minimizing manual tasks and inclined towards handling them electronically which eventually saves time and resources. For this, EDI systems have been introduced. But often the question arises what is EDI in healthcare? The healthcare industry is now moving with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in managing piles of documents, data, …

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World Sickle Cell Day 2022: Problems, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

World Sickle Cell Day 2022 Problems, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Every year on June 19, the world observes World Sickle Cell Day in an effort to raise awareness of the condition and improve understanding of the difficulties that patients and their families encounter. Patients suffering from sickle cell disease have red blood cells that are sickle-shaped, which have the potential to clump together, restricting blood …

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What Does RVU Meaning in The Medical Industry and How Does It Work?

What does RVU meaning in the medical industry and how does it work

In the healthcare sector, the medical billing, insurance companies or patients submit claims to assist in the process of reimbursement. This reimbursement is dependent on RVUs which is an abbreviation used for relative value units. It is also critical to Medicaid, Medicare and commercial health insurance reimbursements. In this bill, the physicians or hospitals add …

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Tools Used for Medical Billing: Discover Behavioral and Psychiatry Medical Billing

Tools used for Medical Billing Discover behavioral and psychiatry medical billing

The behavioral and psychiatry medical billing and mental health field are not similar to any other medical field. However, analysis and diagnosis surrounding mental illness and treatment are more delicate and complex to understand. While the process is more crucial when it comes to the overall health of the patient. Because of the intricacies involved …

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Asthmatic Issues: Why Does My Asthma Get Worse at Night?

Asthmatic Issues Why does my asthma get worse at night

Doctor John Floyer wrote a treatise on Asthma in 1698 that was the first-ever major research done on fatal diseases. In his research, he clearly mentioned that people having anxiety issues or who remain sad or angry have a larger chance of getting asthma attacks. The reason behind this statement he gave was actually to …

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