A Roadmap to Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant: Know the Process

A Roadmap to becoming a chiropractic assistant Know the Process

With the increasing needs of doctors and chiropractors in the hospitals, chiropractors are more into hiring chiropractic assistants for a helping hand and performing a range of activities to assist them. Like most physicians and doctors working privately, chiropractic assistants also help in running the office load smoothly. If you’re interested in understanding what you …

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Discover the Most Essential Chiropractor Tools that Chiropractors Use

Discover the most essential chiropractor tools that Chiropractors use

Chiropractors use only their hands and manual techniques to provide treatment to their patients. Is this what you think? Don’t worry you are not the one who thinks like this. People often see and feel that chiropractors don’t need chiropractor tools, treatment equipment, or lubricants/solutions while providing chiropractic services. However, there are actually a lot …

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September 2022: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2022 Childhood cancer awareness month

We can never forget those children we lost due to childhood cancer and the lack of medication and advocacy that they could have given to their parents in those serious times. This childhood cancer awareness month, let’s spread awareness and prevent those newly diagnosed children with cancer stages and educate them so the wave can …

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Problem Oriented Medical Records: Comprehensive Way to Care for Your Patients

Problem Oriented Medical Records Comprehensive Way to Care for Your Patients

Problem oriented medical records are a system for organizing patient information. This type of record can help improve patient care by providing a more comprehensive overview of the patient’s condition and treatment. What this means is that, instead of just looking at the sequence of events, problem oriented medical records focus on the problems being …

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The Difference Between GV vs GW Modifier: Learn when To Use Them

The difference between GV vs GW modifier - Learn when to use them

Medicare and Medicaid systems regularize a standardized process for allowing medical healthcare providers to facilitate healthcare, provision of medical services, billing and insurance, and almost every aspect included in the haircare industry. To make the process simple and steady, codes and modifiers are there that help medical providers at every level. Similarly, GV and GW …

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Billing for Urgent Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding when To Use Urgent Care Billing

Billing for urgent care A comprehensive guide to understanding when to use urgent care billing

As a practitioner, your practice is prospering while you have enough patients to treat and you’re managing your revenue cycle management solely. Besides, you work dedicatedly and hire other practitioners to cope with the additional burden of healthcare provision, but your profit margin is still not reaching the point where you have expected it to …

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What Is HCC Coding? a Guide Designed to Estimate Future Health Care Costs for Patients

What is HCC coding A guide designed to estimate future health care costs for patients

Hierarchical condition category – HCC coding is a comprehensive model used for calculating the future cost of healthcare for patients. This model was designed and regulated in the year 2004 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, the popularity and relevance of the model have significantly increased in the past few years …

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