How to find medical billing services near you?

find medical billing services

Physicians have to provide a high-quality healthcare service to cater the needs of their patients. Along with a busy schedule, physicians have to complete necessary administrative responsibilities as well – such as medical billing. Medical billing demands a lot of efforts and valuable time – and with the passage of time, it gets difficult for …

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An A-Z guide for starting a medical billing business and how to get clients

medical billing business

Medical billing, a followed practice in the United States, refers to the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance corporations to receive a payment for various services given by the health care professionals to their clients. Simply put, medical billers convert a health-related service into a billing claim. If a medical …

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How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps


There are times when healthcare service providers used to indulge in pass-through billing, which is controversial. Pass-through bills are considered unethical and illegal because the healthcare providers or their staff request billing for a service that is not provided by them. The billing provider increases its profit by charging for a service that they did …

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5 Effective ways to ensure Patient Satisfaction


Patient satisfaction is an integral part of a successful healthcare provider. If there is an absence of patient satisfaction, hospital readmission and poor health outcomes are likely to take place. These inefficiencies can become a hurdle in the quality deliverance of an organization. This means that as a result both the patient experience and their …

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HHS Bans surprise Medical Billing during COVID-19 Pandemic: 5 Things you must know


Coronavirus is spreading globally like a wildfire and every country is severely affected. Coronavirus (also called COVID-19) is a pandemic disease and also regarded as a global health crisis of this era. Coronavirus had a huge impact on trade, commerce, and many industries. In short, COVID-19 has pressed heavily the economy of every country. The …

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