Maximizing Your Practice’s Revenue: Tips for Improving your Medical Billing Process

Medical Billing Process

Running a smooth revenue management cycle ensures financial stability for a medical practice that can work proactively for a successful future. However, the medical billing process is prone to errors and providers need to take essential steps to mitigate the chances of risks and errors affecting their practices’ financial health. Undoubtedly, medical billing is a … Read more

Three Different Types of Medical Billing Systems in Healthcare

types of medical billing system

Similar to any other business or organization, many think that healthcare organizations also use one type of billing system for their medical transactions. But the reality significantly differs from the common perception. Different types of medical billing systems are used to provide types of medical billing services. In healthcare systems, having an appropriate use of … Read more

How Does Medical Billing Work? A 7 Step Process

How Does Medical Billing Work

Medical billing is the process of collecting portions of payments from insurance providers against rendered services by a healthcare provider. The process can be complex and time-consuming but is essential to the financial health of any medical practice. In order to understand how does medical billing work, it is important to first understand the medical … Read more

What is Medical Billing? Explaining the Basics of Medical Billing

what is medical billing

If you are a medical practitioner, it is important to know what is medical billing. Medical billing is the process of following up and submitting claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The same process applies to dental insurance and other types of health insurance, … Read more

Clinical Documentation in Healthcare Industry – Why they are important?

Clinical Documentation in Healthcare Industry

With the improvement in every section of the healthcare industry, the need of investing in clinical documentation has become necessary. Plus, healthcare facilities have made it mandatory to record accurate medical coding and clinical documentation. Healthcare organizations require quality metrics to ensure high-level patient experience. This is where the provision of precise care and accurate … Read more

Excisional Biopsy CPT Code for Skin Lesion

CPT Code for Skin Lesion

Biopsies are known to obtain a skin sample from any part of your body that needs examination organically for treatment and diagnostic purposes. The removal of the skin tissues from the cell of the body is often referred to as a skin biopsy. The extracted sample was further evaluated to confirm medical diseases such as … Read more

The CPT Code for Suprascapular Nerve Block – Treatment and Codes Involved

CPT code for Suprascapular nerve block

The Suprascapular nerve block is a safe and effective way to treat pain in the shoulder and arm. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in an outpatient setting. The procedure is performed under fluoroscopic guidance to ensure accuracy. The CPT code for suprascapular nerve block is 64450. This code is used … Read more

Identifying Combination Coding in light of ICD-10-CM Guidelines

combination coding

No wonder ICD-10 and CPT codes have been discussed over all these years as they were the main reason behind every reimbursement and transaction made at the payers’ and providers’ end. These codes are being updated with some new guidelines, declaring some new codes, rescheduled and redefining previous codes, introducing some combination coding for specific … Read more