How to Comply with Medical Billing Regulations Under the Affordable Care Act

Medical Billing Regulations

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act as law to improve the US’s healthcare system in 2010. The Affordable Care Act is also known as Obamacare. Its main motive is to expand access to health insurance, improve the Medicaid service, reform the health delivery system, Control healthcare costs, and improve the quality of care given … Read more

4 Questions You Must Ask Your Medical Billing Services Providers

Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing services is one of the most important parts of the healthcare field. It allows doctors, physicians, and surgeons to get timely payments for the services they provide to their patients in the facility. These payments and claims for their services allow doctors to continue serving their patients in the best way possible and … Read more

5 Main Reasons Your Claims Get Denied

Reasons Your Claims Get Denied

The medical billing process is very complex and has many interlinking factors. The process starts with the patient’s first interaction with the hospital/healthcare facility reception and ends with the doctor getting paid for his service for the patient. Due to the involvement of many parties throughout the process, errors can arise at any point. These … Read more

Cyber Threats to Medical Billing Services; How to Identify and Protect?

medical billing services

The medical industry is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks; therefore, it is necessary to protect them by any means. No matter what happens, medical records and other personal information pertaining to patients must be kept secure. This is because the patient data and financial records are maintained in the healthcare systems to remain abreast in any … Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Medical Billing; An Introduction

Artificial intelligence in medical billing

Managing a revenue cycle in a healthcare organization with a software system has become only possible due to increased workload, high-efficiency work demand, and human errors. Medical billing is very hectic and log if we use manual methods. It is estimated that it costs 25% to 31% on administrative functions, and medical billing and coding … Read more

Wound Care Billing – All You Want To Know About!

CPT code wound care

When you have been injured, there are factors to consider for wound care billing. You must have adequate investments or health insurance to consider wound care. Luckily, there are a variety of options for patients seeking wound care. But as a provider, one cannot only decide the fee for wound care based on the region … Read more

Enhance your Reimbursement for Dry Needling Billing

CPT code for dry needling

More and more individuals are opting for dry needling billing, and the complexity of dry billing is on the verge of gaining maximum reimbursements. Dry needling is a highly effective treatment option for various musculoskeletal conditions, but to ensure its widespread adoption, healthcare providers must be able to navigate the complexities of billing and reimbursement. … Read more

Family Practice Medical Billing Services in Texas

family practice medical billing

Taking into account the recent data, which suggests yearly visits of more than 208 million to different family physicians, we can easily see the importance family medicine plays in the lives of US citizens. Family physicians offer a range of medical services, deal with different types of acute and chronic diseases, and provide preventive care … Read more

Dermatology Medical Billing Challenges and Tips

Dermatology billing

When it comes to dermatology billing, coders at the medical billing facility need to familiarize themselves with skin conditions and treatments to use the accurate code for the same. This is because it is not unusual when coders interrelate dermatology billing and cosmetic billing. Claims for dermatology billing are directed to insurance companies, while cosmetic … Read more

Top CPT Codes and Modifiers for Orthopaedics Billing Services

CPT Codes and Modifiers for Orthopaedics Billing Services

Whether medical or surgical, orthopedic treatments deal with problems arising in the patient’s musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic doctors solve all problems related to the movement and stability of the body, whether congenital or acquired, as a result of any injury or illness. To engage with the patients and solve these problems, orthopedic doctors and clinics also … Read more