The Importance of Medical Billers and Coders in the Healthcare Industry

Medical billers and coders perform a very important role in the healthcare industry. Let’s have a look at their responsibilities and how they impact collections.

Medical Billers and Coders play an integral role in the medical industry. They perform most of the behind-the-scene tasks whilst providing a smooth and comfortable experience for the patients. This job’s demand is really high which is expected to increase by 13% by 2026. The role of medical coders and billers is very crucial, however, …

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Doctor to see higher payments reduced paperwork under 2020 Physicians fee schedule

Doctor To See Higher Payments Reduced

CMS Fee Schedule for the physicians was issued on 1st November 2019 to be used for availing health services from 1st January 2020 onwards. This schedule served as an incentive for primary care physicians who used to avoid providing primary level services due to excess burnout and heavy paperwork. This schedule curtailed the need for …

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Ransomware Corrupts 24,000 Patient Records of California Specialist

The Podiatric offices of specialist Bobby Yee were hit by a ransomware attack that potentially tampered the medical records of roughly 24,000 patients. Ransomware is a specific type of malware that can encrypt files and “hold them hostage”, where the victim has to pay a fee in order to regain access to their files. Choosing …

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6 Key Revenue Cycle Metrics That Your Practice Must Track

Most medical practices analyze their financial health with a simple analysis of cash flow when it represents only the one aspect of the revenue cycle. Revenue cycle management for practices is a complete process that starts from charge capture, claims submission, accounts receivables, collections and ends up on the analysis of the financial data. It …

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