What Is CAQH Credentialing? Why Is It Required by The Provider in Credentialing?

What is CAQH credentialing Why is it required by the provider in credentialing

Credentialing is one of the essential processes for providers to get the permit to work and serve the patients of their practice. It is a systematic approach by which providers are authorized and verified. Providers are credentialed just not for their qualifications but for licensing, certification, training, and registration. But what is CAQH credentialing and …

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Can Doctors Collect Deductibles Upfront? – Point-Of-Service Collections

Can doctors collect deductibles upfront Point-of-Service Collections

The exceeding medical expenses from the past few years have doubled the out-of-the-pocket incidentals for an average US citizen. This is why people are more inclined toward high-deductible health care plans with expectations of saving on monthly premiums and having maximum insurance benefits. On the other hand, these plans change eventually burdens their wallets when …

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5 Keys to Insurance Credentialing for Mental Health Providers

Mental Health Providers

Introduction Credentialing is important for the mental health providers that let them become certified and provide professional services to the patients. It provides healthcare providers with the opportunity to become affiliated with an insurance company. These service providers are in turn reimbursed by a third party i.e. patients through the insurance company. This guide provides …

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How Long Does Credentialing Process Take?


One of the most asked questions in the healthcare industry is, how long does credentialing take? Now there is no specific answer to this question as the turnaround time for medical credentialing varies. A standard credentialing process takes from 90 to 120 days based on the guidelines. In some cases, the process may be completed …

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