8 Custom Software Ideas that Can Help Medical Practices Scale Their Operations

Custom software ideas that can help medical practices scale their operations

According to experts, adopting popular patient interaction tools could be the key to scaling up clinic operations and moving an organization closer to patient-centered care. According to a report, almost 85 percent of physicians surveyed believe that digital health solutions are beneficial for patient care, showing that the medical community recognizes the tools’ potential. Increased …

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What Makes a Healthcare Practice More Successful than Others?


For a healthcare practice to succeed, it needs to continuously evolve focusing on their finance and medical performances. In today’s healthcare environment, the cost of healthcare is continuously increasing, which is then changing the current medical payment model. This also increases the competition, which means patients have more choices and control over what healthcare practice …

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Will a Waiver Protect Me From Covid-19 Infection Claims?


A waiver is a type of agreement that both parties have to sign in which one party would give up the legal rights to sue another party for any type of injury or damage. A liability waiver protects companies and other authorities from court-case regarding any type of their employee injury as they have signed …

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Health Insurance Provider Network

Social network

Many people get confused about what a Health Insurance Provider Network is and what do they do? They are healthcare providers and their main job is to provide healthcare at a discounted rate by contracting with an insurance company through EPO, HMO, or any other plan. The discounted price is then accepted as a total …

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4 Signs that show need of outsourcing Revenue cycle functions

Signs that Show Need of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Functions

You may be one of the many physicians who are wondering if they should outsource their billing and revenue cycle management functions.  You’ve outsourced payroll, but with a complicated process like this you might hesitate to move forward into RCM outsourcing as well – maybe even more so than other aspects or work related to …

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Some techniques to motivate patients for health improvement

how do physicians motivate patients

Doing diagnosis and making a proper treatment plan is just halfway through the patient’s recovery. The actual task is to get the patients to follow the treatment. The medical healthcare providers can do better by achieving patients’ wellness by considering a few motivation techniques that end up with better health. However, the point of concern …

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Clinical Psychologist: How to become one?

how to become a clinical psychologist

If you are the one who wants to help people and too much into the working mechanism of human mind then career in clinical psychology would suit you. Clinical psychologist gets certain education that enables them to help their patients in various ways. Some of those ways are helping them to make changes, making them …

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