Top 10 Challenges Physicians are Expected to face in 2020

Top 10 Challenges Physicians Are Expected to Face in 2020

The new decade has come with new challenges accompanied by some other problems that left unresolved during the last decade. 2020 came with some unprecedented and unpredictable predicaments such as a global medical emergency due to the covid-19 outbreak making its way from China to the US in a few days. It increased the burden …

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World Diabetes Day: What you Need to Know About this Sweet and Silent Killer

world diabetes day

KEYPOINTS Diabetes is a chronic disease and can be prevented through exercise and diet. Diabetes causes kidney failure, blindness, and many health complications. Increased physical activities, weight loss, and a healthy diet have been known to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. The pervasiveness of diabetes among people over the age of 18 rose …

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What is World Heart Day – How It Promotes the Importance of Healthy Hearts?

The World heart day is a globally celebrated campaign, during which individuals, communities, families, and government of various nations across the globe participate and become the custodian of their heart health or their loved ones. The campaign is organized every year to raise awareness about the Cardio-Vascular Diseases (CVD) among the general public and their …

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Umbrella Insurance: Doctors’ Lifeline in SOS Situations

The medical and healthcare field is not just about healing people, there are so many aspects involved. A lot of different sectors of life come together and aid the medical practitioners to make it happen. One such important aspect is insurance. Different terminology is used for the insurance policy involved in the health sector – …

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