What is the end of asymptomatic carotid artery disease?

life expectancy with blocked carotid artery

Heart disease sounds critical and whenever a person has some cardiac issue, the concern of the medical aid and the surrounding people become serious for the person. Cardiac diseases are announced to be serious and risky for life globally. The asymptomatic carotid artery disease is announced to have less life expectancy with a blocked carotid … Read more

Know the Pros of Electronic Health Records Along with The Disadvantages of Electronic Medical Records

pros and cons of electronic health records

What is Electronic Health Record? Electronic Health Record (EHR) is another name for digital and critical administrative medical reports of a patient under the care of a particular physician. EHR is really beneficial for practices as well as hospitals – as it has made record-keeping simpler and easier (to some extent at least). But like … Read more

Pharmacy vs Pharmacology: What’s the Difference Between Them?

pharmacy vs pharmacology

Pharmaceutical is a broad field and many students while choosing this to build a career often don’t know that it has several branches. Each branch or specialization requires specific education and training. So before choosing any specialty of the field, be prepared and do your research to have a clear understanding of different (confusing) concepts. … Read more

Can concierge medicine become the future of medicine?

concierge medicine

Concierge medicine is a medical model that caters to the needs of patients privately. According to the statistical data in the reports by NPR and Harvard, the top 1% of the population pays extra bucks to the doctors to access primary care privately. To better understand the model, it is similar to going to a … Read more

How Telemedicine is increasing Medical Practice’s Revenues


Spending money requires smart decisions whether it is in the healthcare industry or any other. This means that healthcare providers must be aware of financial implications. These implications involve the investment of practice into the telemedicine technology. Telemedicine has brought with it a whole plethora of benefits. Patients can receive better access to care, increased … Read more