Should healthcare be free? Let’s explore the pros and cons to find out

Should healthcare be free

Healthcare just like food and clothing is one of the basic human needs. However, you have to pay for these basic needs. Recently, people are demanding that everyone should have access to quality healthcare regardless of their financial status, as delay in medical treatment might put someone’s life at risk. However, the government is not …

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Top 7 best colleges for pediatrics: Start your medical career at one of the prestigious medicine universities

Passing high school and then starting your professional degree is a milestone. Every individual is different and everyone has the right to choose his or her career path. Some go into medical, some opt for engineering, some choose arts and the list goes on. Well, if you wish to start your medical journey and that …

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Pharmacy vs Pharmacology: What’s the difference between them?

pharmacy vs pharmacology

Pharmaceutical is a board field and many students while choosing this to build a career often don’t know that it has several branches. Each branch or specialization requires specific education and training. So before choosing any speciality of the field, be prepared and do your research to have a clear understanding about different (confusing) concepts. …

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How can big data make the US healthcare system affordable

an improvement in quality must necessarily increase costs

The pandemic has highlighted how important for a country it is to have an effective healthcare system. People are living in constant fear of not only being subjected to the virus, but also the medical bills that could potentially pile up. With readily available data via electronics health records, medical billing, and medical coding – …

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Healthcare data breaches that are concerning

In 2021, there were several healthcare data breaches, and it’s disturbing. Such breaches with sensitive medical data must be neutralized at all costs. What happened in 2020? In 2020, a report was issued on the state of Healthcare Cybersecurity. This report was based on survey results from more than 2,400 professionals that dealt with the …

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Why are medical collection letters important? What’s the secret of writing a medical collection letter?

Repercussion fears howl all the way long when files get stuffed with unpaid bills. Receiving post-due notifications when you’re not able to pay them is quite a pummel at the back. Collecting payments is not a cup of tea, especially from patients who are habitual of releasing cash late or just forget to pay. Looking …

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What is HIPAA protected health information (PHI): What do you need to know about PHI & HIPPA

hipaa protected health information

Except if you are living under a rock, you would know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 which stresses on the integrity, sanctity, and security of PHI (protected health information). However, the question that arises is, why is PHI kept under the rug? And why is it always talked about …

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