How telemedicine has influenced the healthcare industry


The introduction of telemedicine has greatly revamped the medical industry, not only increasing its opportunities but also its challenges to a great extent. This new medium of examining patients, listening to their problems and making prescriptions remotely has allowed medical care facilities to improve a lot. The concept of telemedicine was particularly found to be …

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An A-Z guide for starting a medical billing business and how to get clients

medical billing business

Medical billing, a followed practice in the United States, refers to the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance corporations to receive a payment for various services given by the health care professionals to their clients. Simply put, medical billers convert a health-related service into a billing claim. If a medical …

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Sybrid MD: Named As One Of The Best Medical Billing Companies Of 2020


In a recently released ranking of top 15 medical billing companies of 2020, has identified SybridMD as one of the best medical billing companies taking into account the fact that it provides holistic services and is always available to entertain customers’ queries 24/7. is an independent website that reviews small businesses, online solutions, and other …

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What Makes a Healthcare Practice More Successful than Others?


For a healthcare practice to succeed, it needs to continuously evolve focusing on their finance and medical performances. In today’s healthcare environment, the cost of healthcare is continuously increasing, which is then changing the current medical payment model. This also increases the competition, which means patients have more choices and control over what healthcare practice …

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Health Insurance Provider Network

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Many people get confused about what a Health Insurance Provider Network is and what do they do? They are healthcare providers and their main job is to provide healthcare at a discounted rate by contracting with an insurance company through EPO, HMO, or any other plan. The discounted price is then accepted as a total …

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The Importance of Medical Billers and Coders in the Healthcare Industry

Medical billers and coders perform a very important role in the healthcare industry. Let’s have a look at their responsibilities and how they impact collections.

Medical Billers and Coders play an integral role in the medical industry. They perform most of the behind-the-scene tasks whilst providing a smooth and comfortable experience for the patients. This job’s demand is really high which is expected to increase by 13% by 2026. The role of medical coders and billers is very crucial, however, …

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How to Avoid Pass-Through Billing Traps


There are times when healthcare service providers used to indulge in pass-through billing, which is controversial. Pass-through bills are considered unethical and illegal because the healthcare providers or their staff request billing for a service that is not provided by them. The billing provider increases its profit by charging for a service that they did not perform. …

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