How to Comply with Medical Billing Regulations Under the Affordable Care Act

Medical Billing Regulations

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act as law to improve the US’s healthcare system in 2010. The Affordable Care Act is also known as Obamacare. Its main motive is to expand access to health insurance, improve the Medicaid service, reform the health delivery system, Control healthcare costs, and improve the quality of care given … Read more

Provider Enrollment: Enhancing Healthcare Access and Quality

Provider Enrollment

Provider enrollment alludes to the cycle by which medical services providers, like doctors, hospitals, centers, and other medical care offices, become formally selected or credentialed with a medical services payer or insurance plan. This interaction is significant for providers to have the option to charge for the service and get reimbursements for the procedures they … Read more

Temporary and Emergency Credentialing Processes in Healthcare

Temporary and Emergency Credentialing Processes

Temporary and emergency credentialing processes allude to the systems by which people, especially in healthcare and emergency services, can rapidly get brief licenses, confirmations, or certifications to address pressing circumstances. These cycles are commonly carried out during emergencies, fiascos, or other basic occasions when there is an unexpected and expanded interest in qualified faculty, such … Read more

Embrace Intelligent Automation: Successful Uses in Healthcare Industry

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is using automation software and technologies to streamline different aspects of this digital world. Otherwise called cognitive automation, Intelligent Automation utilizes refined programming software like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Process Management (BPM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to organize and examine various information, accordingly giving the most persuasive and mistake-free outcomes with regards … Read more

How to Switch Primary Care Doctors?

How to switch primary care doctors

Having a caring doctor in your life is the insurance of your health who can help ensure you get what you need to stay healthy and treat you when you’re ill; this is an important part of your overall health and well-being. Sometimes, whether we plan or not, we have to stop visiting current doctors … Read more

Workflow Automation: Change Your Healthcare Facility For The Better

Workflow Automation

Different techniques have been invented in today’s modern era, and various diseases have been discovered. In healthcare, many advancements occur to increase efficiency, accuracy, enhance healthcare, and streamline operations. Undoubtedly, workflow automation steps proved to be a game-changer for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Healthcare professionals have taken the medical industry to the next level … Read more

Examples of EHRS Used in Healthcare Facilities

Examples of EHRS used in healthcare facilities

In today’s world, the medical system is shifting its records and data from paperwork to the digital strategy to stand tall in the market for error-free and efficient results. The medical field is susceptible as it deals with people’s health; any error or uncertainty in this field can result in damaging and destructive outcomes. To … Read more

What is the Credentialing Process in Healthcare?

Credentialing process

The ability of healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care is highly dependent on their education and expertise, which must be ensured in the medical field. This is the stage where the credentialing procedure is performed. In order to make sure that healthcare professionals fulfill the necessary requirements, the credentialing process includes reviewing and assessing their education, work … Read more

What Are Healthcare Compliance Issues? The Greatest Threat to Healthcare Compliance

healthcare compliance issues

Compliance with Healthcare guidelines is an essential aspect of the healthcare industry either a practice or hospital facility to eliminate the associated risks, for forgone revenues, to prosper in the right direction and to generate the maximum revenue for the provision of healthcare services. In addition, healthcare organizations need to adhere to the regulations legislated … Read more